Infertility: Find the Way Out

Find out complete information about female and male infertility, their symptoms and causes. Get to know how infertility is diagnosed and treated.

Want to have a baby but doctors identified infertility in you or your partner? Read about possible causes of female and male infertility and get to know how to treat infertility successfully.
Get rid of prejudices and learn the true about endometriosis.



Infertility is defined as inability of the couple to conceive after a year of unprotected intercourse. Even in such case it may be just a temporary problem. If you want to learn more about infertility, its causes, prevention and treatment youre in the right place.
Infertility is one of the most stressful situations a couple can face with. How you cope with it depends on your and your partner personality.

Coping with infertility always requires the strength and indicates how your relationships can get through difficult periods. It also requires outside help and complete knowledge about your condition, the available infertility treatments, and the resources available to you. You may find everything needed here.

Infertility Overview
Find out what infertility is. Check out basic facts about female and male infertility, its diagnosing and treatment.
Diet for Infertility
Learn how to prevent and treat infertility in both men and women with the help of healthy nutrition. Find out what products have positive impact on fertility and which ones you should avoid.
How to Prevent Infertility
Study how to prevent infertility and increase your chances to get pregnant following simple rules.
Infertility Causes
There are a lot of factors that may have influence on the fertile ability. Check out them here. Get to know whether age can cause infertility or not.
Myths and Facts
If you have any doubts concerning your possible infertility, check this out and you’ll avoid bad experience and sleepless nights.
Natural Infertility Treatment
Find out the power of herbs. Try the best recipes of your granny. See how easy and painless the treatment could be.
Nutritional Supplements
Discover what nutritional supplements are useful for fertilization and add them to your daily ration.
Risk Factors of Infertility
There are factors which influence on both male and female fertility. Consider them to avoid infertility.
The Best Fertility Prescription
Consider one of the most pleasant and easiest infertility treatments. Learn which positions may facilitate conceiving.
The Best Herbs for Fertility
Try herbs treatment for infertility. It is one of the ways to restore hormone imbalance, encourage ovulation and avoid side-effects.
Treatment by Vegetable Facilities
Get to know what herbs are used for treatment of female infertility and how to take them properly.

Female Infertility

Female infertility has different causes but endometriosis is the most widespread. Unfortunately, it is still unknown why endometriosis appears, but it is treated successfully. You can get complete information about endometriosis and other causes of infertility here. Familiarize yourself with testing methods for infertility and possible treatment.

After a few months of unsuccessful attempts to conceive many women begin to suspect infertility. But the couple is considered infertile if conception hasnt taken the place after a year of unprotected intercourse.

If the couple is supposed to have such problem, both partners should seek a comprehensive examination. Tests for women include menstrual and pregnancy history, ovulation tests and other. Laparoscopy is used to detect such widespread infertility cause as endometriosis.

According to the test results one of the treatment methods or their combination is prescribed. In most cases it gives good results and soon the couple will be able to embrace their own baby.

Investigate diagnostics and treatment of endometriosis, how to become pregnant with such diagnose as endometriosis. Look for the useful advice, find out the best methods of endometriosis treatment.
Infertility Tests
Look through tests used to determine whether a woman is fertile or no. Read why and how the procedure is performed, how to prepare for it, possible risks and precautions. See what you can know after the test.
Check out different methods of female infertility treatment(e.g. In Vitro Fertilization). Consider each type prescription, advantages, risks and chances to conceive after treatment.
3 Steps to Fertility
We are all different people in different situations and there is no ‘one size fits all’ in matters of infertility treatment. Here you’ll find the information is based on the world of infertility from their perspective.
Causes of Female Infertility
Discover the most widespread reasons of female infertility and their explanation.
Cervical Cancer and Infertility
Educate yourself what is cervical cancer and how it connected with infertility. Read this information to make sure that you know a lot about this problem.
Secondary Infertility
Find out what the secondary infertility is, how to avoid it, where to appeal for help. If you want to have second baby, it is time to get worried right now.
Thyroid Disorders and Infertility
Read and get to know how thyroid disorders linked with infertility. Read information below to make sure that you known a lot about this problem.

Male Infertility

Infertility is related to not only women. It also affects men and causes about 30% of infertility cases directly and 20% partially. Here you may check signs and possible causes of male infertility. Think over tests for male infertility and different treatment methods: such as surgery, drugs or assisted reproductive techniques. Take a decision basing on the truthful and complete information!

Almost half of infertility cases are caused by male factors alone or in combination with female factor.
It is important to identify and treat problems if possible in time. Unfortunately infertility may be caused by underlying medical problems sometimes. Therefore to cope with infertility successfully its causes should be determined at first. And only after that the most appropriate treatment method can be chosen.

Infertility Tests
Get to know how infertility in men is determined, what initial evaluation and laboratory assessments are required.
Consider surgical and medical methods used for male infertility treatment. Get to know why one or another methods is prescribed, what advantages and risks provides with. Check out other treatment methods.
10 Ways to Increase Sperm Count
Read this article and get to know how increase your sperm count.
3 Factors Affecting Men Infertility
Read the main reasons for problems with sperm. Get to know the main reasons of low sperm count. And discover the main delivery problems.
Infertility in Men: Overview
Learn more about male infertility and get to know when to start clinical evaluation. Investigate possible causes of infertility in men.
Infertility – Varicocele
Read this article and discover what varicocele is. Get to know the main reasons of this problem. Also find the way of treatment and how to diagnose it.
Male Fertility
Read this article and get to know about the causes of male infertility. Here you’ll find useful information how to increase male fertility.
Reasons of Male Infertility
Check out the most widespread causes of infertility in men. Consider what you can change in your way life to prevent infertility

When reading any information on infertility topic you should clearly understand what means one or another word. It will help you to avoid misunderstanding and further problems.

The infertility glossary includes a list of related to male and female infertility diagnosis and treatment medical terms. This section is aimed to improve your knowledge and understanding of the topic.