The Best Fertility Prescription

Most doctors would prescribe you something, which leaves a lot to be desired; those medicines, they tell you should take are too expensive as a rule, while the injections are extremely painful. Moreover, taking possible side effects of these medicines into consideration makes you think whether you should ever take them or it would better not to do it.

However, there is one kind of prescription, available in reproductive medicine, which includes practically no side effects, but only fun and pleasure; however, very few patients receive it. This medicine is sex. It does not cost anything; moreover, it can boost your changes to conceive considerably! There is no doubt that the more sex you have and the more frequent you do it, the higher is your chance to conceive.

But there exists one bitter truth: only having sex as frequent as you wish it will not help some infertile couples to conceive, carry to term and deliver such a long expecting baby. Couples, in which the woman suffers from tubal blockage or in which the man has zero sperm count belong to the abovementioned ones. However, there is another truth: extremely little amount of couples proves out to be absolutely sterile, because most of infertile couples suffer from multiple minor fertility problems, such as borderline low sperm count in a husband or male partner or irregular menstrual cycle in a wife or female partner. These couples always have a chance that there are at least a few sperm, which are functional in a man’s semen, or that even this woman does experience ovulation from time to time. Anyway, in case if they do not have sex frequently enough, their chances to get pregnant become lower, because the chances of the eggs meeting with the sperm get reduced to a great extend.

In accordance with some recently conducted investigations, the chances of getting pregnant are maximal 6 – 12 month after having any fertility surgery, such as endometriosis correcting surgery, Fallopian tubes repairing surgery (this kind of surgery is called tuboplasty), adhesions removing surgery (this kind of surgery is called adhesiolysis).

In addition, frequent sex increases pregnancy rates even after such treatments as Intrauterine Insemination and In Vitro Fertilization have been conducted. This is so, because bigger amount of sperm is being deposited and chemicals, called prostaglandins, which are contained in the semen increase the receptivity of the uterus to the embryo.

Still, if you will have sex as frequent as possible, it will not only influence your fertililty, but there are also a lot of pleasant side effects, included in it. It is not a secret anymore, that the very process of making love, as well as orgasm would boost blood circulation, release tension, relieve arthritic pains, makes skin colour improved and promotes psychological health for both partners. In addition, it has been proved that good sex boosts your fitness quotient as well – having about half an hour of active sex burns out 45 calories. And there is another plus of having frequent sex – it is that your partner also reaps the benefits, making sex a two – for – the – price – of – one – activity.

One well – known scientist considered that the joys and pleasures, people receive from lovemaking, provide us with an “intimacy inoculation”, which helps us to be protected against diseases. In addition, the science of psychoneuroimmunology shows that when people experience mutually carring sexual intimacy, such hormones as neuropeptides and cortisol pour through their bodies and these hormones help to promote health and healing. So, how out sexual energy should stay alive? The only key to achieve this is to care: you should be thinking about it constantly, you should keep working at it. You should never have sex only with the aim to conceive – you are to have sex in order to receive fun – the baby should be considered a pleasant side – effect. Numerous investigations prove that passionate, exciting love helps people to be “hit” out of the blue, however, it will only remain and repeat itself in case if it is continually nurtured and treated as an honoured guest. None of us is ever to forget that the most important sexual organ or a person is not the clitoris or the penis – it is the brain. Sexuality should be better considered as an integral part of life, as a gift, which is to be honoured, kept and enjoyed. Thus, the more a person gets to know about this energy, the more of it he or she begins to have and the more the person practices it, the  better he or she will get at it.