Infertility Causes

Speaking about factors influencing on conception, it is foremost necessary to mark such ones, as age and frequency of sexual contacts.

Maximal possibility of conception at a healthy woman is considered to be approximately to 23 – 25 years, then it goes down, and after 35 years it falls considerably. It is explained, that nearer to 40 years "quality" of ovulation goes down from the age-dependent changes in uterus system. In addition, a uterus and salpinxs can be already staggered by some diseases (for example, endometrioses, fibroma and other). However, there are the exceptions. So, the world record of child birth – 57 years. In general pregnancy can come until ovaries function, but with every spent year this probability become less and less.

At men organism, in sexual system in particular, we could see the differences. Men approximately to 90 years have abbility to procration. However, this is an ideal case, and in practice at most men after 45 years a capacity for procreation goes down gradually.

Now we will talk about that, how frequency of carnal knowledges influences on possibility of conception. Being too rare, they abandon not enough chances for conception, because, we will remind, a female ovule is ready to the impregnation only in some days of menstrual cycle. So, in opinion of gynaecologists, one sexual intercourse in a week enables approximately ten percent of the proccess of impregnation, which increases with the increase of number of sexual contact conception.

It is thus necessary to remember that too frequent carnal contacts also reduce the chance of impregnation of ovule. It happens, because the tired male organism begins to produce spermatozoids, viability and mobility of which much below by comparison to a norm. Thus, they are often unable to get to the salpinxs and to wait till an ovule takes place. In this connection gynaecologists and andrologists (masculine gynaecologists) recommend to search the "golden point", remembering that organisms are unique, and what is a norm for one, does not quite suit to other.

In previous years the absence of child and all the guilt was laid exceptionally on a woman. Modern medical researches show that in a row case man can be infertile too. Statistics name such numbers, as 40 % of female infertility against 35 % of male one. Also there are cases, when factors preventing pregnancies, are present as at a woman, so at a man. Therefore practice of the so-called home examinations is wide-spread in medical centers, when doctors inspect a patient, and its spouse. The inspection and conversation with a specialist passes separately for each.