Myths and Facts

Myth: The painful menstrual cycles are the reason of infertility.
Fact: The painful menstrual cycles in any way do not influence on fertility. Moreover, the regular painful menstrual cycles quite often testify that a cycle was ovulyatornym (ovulation happened in its loop). However, increasing pain during menstrual sycle and pain, arising up during sex, can specify a gynaecological problem (endometriosis, fibroma…).

The rare menstrual sycles are the reason of infertility
Fact: The lengthened, but regular menstrual cycle does not absolutely testify the problems with fertility. At some women a menstrual cycle can last 40 days. Naturally, as in an aggregate, less cycles turn out on a year means that amount of fertile periods at them happen much less. Women with the lengthened menstrual cycle need to heed after the offensive of ovulation more carefully (as it comes later by comparison with women, which menstrual cycle lasts 28-30 days).

Myth: Incompatibility of blood types of man and woman is the reason of infertility.
Fact: There is no connection between blood types and fertility.

Myth: A reason why I can not become pregnant is that after sexual intercourse sperm flows out me.
Fact: The effluence of seminal liquid after sexual intercourse is the normal phenomenon. If husband come inside a vagina, be sure that the necessary amount of sperm had enough time to interfuse with cervix mucus, and the amount of escaping sperm does not matter.

Myth: Fertility concernes the consistency and volume of sperm.
Fact: Sperm consists of seminal liquid, which is influenced by prostate. A volume and consistency of sperm is unconnected in any way with fertility, because fertility depends in a greater degree on the amount of spermatozoids. And it can be tested only at microscopic research.

Myth: Infertility could be inherited.
Fact: If your mother, grandmother or sister had problems with pregnancy, it does not quite mean that you will have the same problem.

Myth: To become pregnant, it is nessecary to have sex every day.
Fact: Sperm remains active in woman organism in cervical liquid during 48- 72 hours after sexual intercourse. Therefore it’s quite optionally to follow such frequent scadual of making love. Certainly, it’s important to have sexual intercourse in the period of ovulation, but if you will skip ones (even the day of ovulation) this is not critically.

Myth: At a woman organism an ovule ripens every month alternately: one month – in the left ovary, next month – in the right one.
Fact: Indeed, every month ovulation takes place only in one ovary, but quite optionally it takes place with such order: an ovule can ripen a few cycles with succession in one, for example left ovary.

Myth: If you want to become pregnant, simply relax; leave thinking about it and desirable pregnancy will come.
Fact: If pregnancy does not come in a year, probably there is some medical problem.   Stress can’t be the reason of infertility. Remember that all people suffering from infertility are in a state of stress – but not stres, that causes infertility, but the infertility causes stress.