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Treatment by Vegetable Facilities

Phytotherapy of female infertility is conducted after diagnostics of its cause. Against inflammation collections teas from leaves of foal foot, flowers of sweet flag are added to the treatment. For inflammation of urine genital sphere we recommend to use, besides the mentioned facilities, local spraying inside uterine the teas of plants with astringent and healing properties. Use teas of sweet flag, mallow, bark of oak, garden-stuffs of bird cherry tree, flowers of chamomile, sheet of Clary, leaves of eucalyptus. Five tablespoons of vegetable collection inundate by the liter of cold water and boil three minutes on a weak fire. Further, leave tea to be brewed for half an hour and conduct spraying one time in three days before sleep. It is possible to use tampons from sea-buck thorns ones by a butter or juice of aloe.

For the improvement of sulpinxs obstruction it is possible to recommend the seed of nettle, goose-grass, penny cress, over-beaten and cut-ins in water (twice a day on a tablespoon).

In the case of violation of menstrual cycle use the plants influencing on hormonal activity. If infertility has a hormonal cause (activity of ovaries is mionectic), in the first half of cycle apply a chamomile, sweet flag, marjoram, balm, roots of pi-meson. Make an alcohol extract from the roots and take it with water (on a tea-spoon three times a day to the meal). Teas from herbs are drunk three times a day on the half of glass. It is expedient to take these herbs during 2 weeks, since the fifth day of cycle. In the second half of cycle it is needed to use teas of penny cress grass, flowers of rosemary, root of wormwood.