How to Prevent Infertility

Although most types of infertility are not possible to prevent, the only way out for such people is to treat their infertility either by medicines, by surgeries or apply to some artificial insemination abilities. However, it is possible to prevent some potential kinds of infertility by avoiding drugs, tobacco, excessive alcohol consumption, and other factors which may interfere with fertility. In men high temperatures may also influence the production of sperm as well as its motility in a negative way, however, this infertility is considered to be temporary. In order to avoid it, a man simply should not take hot tubs and he should also stop visiting saunas.

In case if a man is not so far certain whether he would like to become a father in the future or not, he should not undergo the procedure of permanent sterilization (vasectomy). However, it is possible to undergo a specific surgery in order to reverse this condition; still there are risks that fertility may be affected in other ways.

Concerning woman’s fertility, she may increase her chances to conceive and carry her pregnancy to term, women should remember about the following:

Exercise moderately. Of no doubt, it is very important and extremely useful to do regular physical exercises, however, a woman may do them so intensely, that her periods will possibly become infrequent and they may even disappear, thus influencing her fertility in a negative way.

Avoid being overweight as well as being underweight. Every woman should keep in mind, that having either too much or too little of body mass may affect her hormone production, the potential result of which becomes infertility.

Avoid using alcohol, tobacco and street drugs. It is evident enough, that these substances may affect woman’s ability to conceive or / and carry pregnancy to term and deliver a healthy baby. However, it concerns both sexes: people, who wish to be able to have children, moreover, who want their kids to be healthy, are neither to take alcohol, nor to smoke tobacco. They should also avoid taking illegal drugs, like marijuana and cocaine.

Limit caffeine. A woman, who wants to get pregnant, should limit her caffeine intake up to no more than 250 milligrams of caffeine a day, which makes approximately two cups of coffee.

Limit medications. Remember, that taking of either prescription as well as nonprescription drugs can decrease woman’s chances to conceive or / and carry her pregnancy to term. If there is any doubt, a woman is to talk to her doctor about the possibility of taking any medication, she takes regularly.