Causes of Female Infertility

In opinion of 3000 polled women, which had to appeal for help in the treatment of infertility, it was related to the fact, that some young pairs didn’t want to have child on the moment they got married. And some married couples simply did not succeed to become pregnant.
The point is in the next: the longer the infertility takes place, the less changes you have to determine the reasons. After the appeal of the married couples on an occasion of treatment in the age less than 30 years each year is valued by weight of gold.

As a rule, a pair examined on infertility after 3-4 years of unsuccessful home treatment of infertility, after 2 months women squandered time on afterexamination of infertility and correction of failings – here is the lost time.

Except for the supposed reason of infertility, doctors interest wheather the infertility primary or secondary.
If a woman had never been pregnant, we talk about primary infertility. If there was though one pregnancy, subsequent infertility is considered to be the secondary one, regardless of how the pregnancy resulted – by birth, abortion.

Unfortunately, one of principal reasons of the secondary infertility is the first abortion, and abortion during the childbirth. The unprepared sexual system of young woman reacts on this interference more sharply, than after childbirth, and that is why there are inflammations of appendages or uterus, obstruction of salpinxs, change of endometry.

What are the reasons of female infertility?
1. Problems with ovulation
If menstrual cycle is less than 21days or more than 35 days, you have the risk, that an ovule does not ripen or unviable.
Thus, almost in the half of cases of ovulation absence, the reason is that ovaries do not produce mature follicles, from which ovules would then develop. Ovulation is impossible, mature ovules fail to appear, there is nothing to impregnate for spermatosoid. It is the most widespread reason of female infertility.

2. Dysfunction of ovaries
 The dysfunction of ovaries in 20 % cases is investigation of violations of hormones production in the system of hypothalamus-hypophysis. If activity of this system is broken, ovaries do not receive the proper signals that are why the rhythmic of hormones is violated. Accordingly, ripening of follicle is violated; ovule either does not ripen in general or unviable. Dysfunction of the hypothalamus-hypophysis system can happen as a result of trauma, from a tumour, at chemical violations in a hypophysis.