Rectovaginal Examination

In order to conduct this kind of examination, your doctor will have to insert one finger into your rectum and the other one – into your vagina. This will let him evaluate your ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus shape, size and location. This kind of examination is not always conducted as part of a pelvic examination.
 Usually pelvic examination does not take more than ten minutes. As soon as it is finished, a woman receives a washcloth or tissue so, that she can wipe the area of her vagina and remove any discharge left in the result of the examination. After that she can put on her clothes. There are tests, results of which are available immediately, however, result form the Pap smear may take from several days up to a couple of weeks.

How It Feels
 The best way to undergo a pelvic examination is to be relaxed during the whole procedure. If you breathe in a deep way and have a light pleasant conversation with your doctor, this may help you get relaxed. Anyway, you should not try to hold your breath or tense your muscles. You may also experience some pressure or discomfort when the speculum is being inserted inside your vagina. In this case you should try to make your legs and hips relaxed as much as possible. You may also feel some pain or experience irritation, especially if you are suffering form some kind of vaginal infection. In case if the speculum, which is inserted into your vagina, is made of metal, you may also feel cold and hard. If so, this metal speculum may be warmed up with the help of water or lubricated with a vaginal lubricant, like K – Y Jelly, before it is inserted into the vagina.

During the bimanual part of the pelvic examination, there may be felt some uncomfortable feeling of pressure or of a slight twinge or pain during the time the doctor feels the ovaries. In this case breathing deeply may be a help. A pinch may also be felt when Pap smear is taken. In case if you feel strong pain in any part of the examination you are to tell your doctor about it immediately.
 During the rectovaginal examination, the feeling may be like you are about to have a bowel movement, when the doctor withdraws a finger from the rectum. This feeling is considered to be quite a normal one, and it would not last more than several seconds. After the examination, a small amount of vaginal discharge or even some bleeding is possible to come out.

There are no risks associated with the pelvic examination conducting.

 A pelvic examination is considered to be a complete and throughout examination of pelvic organs of a woman by her doctor. With the help of this procedure doctor is able to evaluate the size, the position of the vagina, cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.