Secondary Infertility

From medical point of view this diagnosis is applicable to the pair which after 12 months of unprotected sex was not able to conceive child. In addition, specialists plug in this circle women with chronic abortions. Surprisingly, but this true – about fourth from the common amount of pair treating oneself from infertility, are parents which already have one child. At some from them there were problems and with the first conception, but majority ran into this problem only then, when wanted to have the second child. That the favourable first conception is not guaranteed of successful pregnancy in the future.

In addition, people running into the second infertility are less inclined to come running to the medical help, than those, whoever can conceive initially. On occasion they simply renounce to believe in existence of similar problem! They consider that it is needed only to give up some harmful habits, to take off stress – and will all turn out! And although these measures can fix a health on the whole, they will not decide the problem of infertility. Little that, even some doctors advise such pair to wait and make attempt more and more, not explaining that such approach only aggravates the untreated problem, often converting her into incurable.

What is the reason of the second infertility? Often women fertility depends on age. The most «fertile» age for women is a period from 15 to 30 years. Some slump of fertility begins in 30 years, and after 35 years fertility sharply goes down at most women, thus almost 25 % women in general become sterile. Many women do not realize this danger, putting aside birth of the second and even the first child to 30-35 years. One of reasons of it in that at the years in ovaries women begin to take place chromosomal changes resulting in infertility and diseases, and also to the risk of birth of inferior child. Many researches show also, that abortions at women after 35 years take place in 2 times more frequent, than at more young women. Although in a great deal it also depends on the health of woman and pregnancies and abortions present in anamnesis.

The second infertility can be caused by other factors:
• Violation of hormonal balance and other endocrine problems. Most often hyperfunction of thyroid conduces to the second infertility (thyrotoxicosis). At the enhanceable products of hormones of thyroid the products of making of hormones of hypophysis are repressed, hormones straight influencing on making by the womanish chaff of sphere, a menstrual cycle is violated, the risk of origin of endometryoza, hysteromyoma, syndrome of polykystoznykh ovaries appears, that straight influences on pregnancy, and similarly on ability to take away a healthy fruit.

Hypofunction of thyroid (thyroprivia) conduces to the enhanceable products of hormones of hypophysis, that in the turn, repressing operates on making of hormones of ovaries, violating the normal processes of impregnation and maturing of pregnancy. The treatment directed on normalization of functions of thyroid conduces to the offensive of long-awaited pregnancy. However, taking of some preparations (especially hormonal), can negatively infkuence on the health of mother and future child.