3 Steps to Fertility

If you have been unsuccessful in conceiving a baby it is difficult to know where to start. This is the problem that researches for many years. There has been an enormous amount of literature written on the field of infertility. Even TV documentaries and chat shows are featuring women telling their heartfelt story as people are becoming more aware of the rise of infertility cases.

When collating the research, it became apparent that it fell naturally into three straightforward steps. Following these steps will give you a greater insight into infertility, how to approach your situation and what to do next to help you get closer to your dream of having a baby.

There are three simple steps. They are:

1 Step. Gain a full understanding of the male and female body, the cycles involved in conception and the reasons for infertility.

Anyone having problems conceiving should have a better understanding than most about the reproductive cycle and how the body works so they can look at ways to increase their chance of getting pregnant.

2 Step. Find out what the problem is by completing the necessary fertility tests at the appropriate time.

Fertility testing is a minefield. Firstly your doctor or gynaecologist will start examining both you and your partner. For mostly this stage can be humiliating, scary and daunting. Fertility testing starts with the least invasive tests such as hormone analysis. It includes a blood test and semen analysis. Generally doctor tries to discover why you have not become pregnant yet. From your perspective you will feel so much more at ease knowing what the fertility tests entail and what they diagnose. You should became an expert in understanding the process of fertility testing so stress levels are kept low and you are in a better position to move onto step 3.

3 Steps. Choose the conventional or complementary treatment that will improve your chances of having a baby.

The last and most important step is to find a treatment that will maximize your chances of conception. In nowadays there is a diverse range of fertility treatment available to help couples having problems conceiving. Research has shown that in addition to conventional methods complementary treatments including those based around nutrition, reflexology, herbal medicine, acupuncture and even hypnotherapy can contribute to getting you pregnant.

By following these three steps there are no guarantees that you will conceive a baby but you will be more open to all treatments and be better informed to progress on your journey.