ACTH is a hormone, which is produced by the pituitary gland and it stimulates the adrenal glands. In case if a person has excessive levels of this hormone, it may possibly be one of the reasons of infertility.

are called bands of scar tissue, which is attached to the surfaces of different organs and is capable to connect, cover and distort organs, like fallopian tubes, uterus and ovaries.

Adrenal Androgens
are male hormones, which are produced by the adrenal gland. In case if either a male or a female has excessive levels of it, it may possibly be one of the reasons of infertility.

AID (Artificial Insemination Donor)
is the term, used to describe a procedure, during which the sperm is introduced from an anonymous donor into the woman’s uterus in order to help the woman get pregnant.

AIH (Artificial Insemination Husband or Homologous)
is a kind of some specific insemination procedure, which is used to introduce sperm, which is collected from the partner of a woman into her uterus. This term may also be referred to as IUI (Intrauterine Insemination).

is called the complete absence of menstruation.

are sex hormones of males.

is a science, which investigates different male diseases and sexual disorders, including male infertility, spermatogenesis and sexual dysfunction.

is the term, which is used to describe complete absence of the ovulation process. It may not even be connected with the menstruation process, which may still occur.

are chemicals, produced by the body in order to fight any foreign substance, which enters it. Normally antibodies prevent infections. However, there are cases, when they begin to attack either the sperm of the fetus, being the reason of infertility. Sperm antibodies may be produced by either a male or a female.

Antibodies are the specific kind of antibodies, which may possibly be produced either by a male or by a female. These antibodies may cause damage to the male’s sperm or cause single sperms to get adhered to one another. This kind of adhesion makes their fertility potential much limited.

ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology)
is a kind of an advanced technology and treatment, applied in order to enhance fertility by the way of the manipulation of sperm, oocytes and / or embryos.

Artificial Insemination
is called the process of the sperm transferring into the cervix with the help of artificial means, rather than by the way of direct sexual contact.

Artificial Insemination Donor
is the person, who donates his sperm in order to conduct the artificial insemination process. A fresh semen specimen or a thawed frozen specimen from a donor is intruded into the woman’s cervix with the help of an injection.

Artificial Insemination Homologous
is the process of artificial insemination, when the sperm of a husband or a male partner is used. It is usually washed and then injected directed into the woman’s uterus.

Artificial Spermatocoele
is a pouch, which is created artificially with the help of a micromanipulation surgery, which is used to collect sperm from men, who suffer from irreversible tubal blockage.

Asherman’s Syndrome
is the term, which describes the condition, when the walls of the uterus adhere to one another. It is usually caused by the inflammation of the uterus.

Aspiration Cycle
is an initiated ART cycle, where one or more follicles are punctured and aspirated irrespective of where oocytes are retrieved or not.

Assisted Hatching
is a kind of a microsurgical technique, in which an embryologist “assists” an embryo, which is developing to break through the zona pellucida.

is called the low motility of sperm.

is the term, used to describe completed absence of sperm in the ejaculate.