CAH (Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia) is the term, used to describe a congenital condition, characterized by high level of androgens, which suppress the pituitary gland and interfere with either spermatogenesis (in males) or with the ovulation process (in females). Females may also have ambiguous genitalia because of the excessive production of male hormones.

Candidiasis (Yeast)
is a kind of infection, which may cause feeling of discomfort and itching and it may also impair infertility.

is called the process the sperm is to undergo, and which enables the fertilization.

Cervical Factor
is the infertility either because of some previously conducted surgery or because of some structural abnormality of the cervix. This term is also used to describe any phenomenon or process, associated with the cervix, which inhibits sperm function.

Cervical Mucus
is the kind of mucus, produced by the cervix, which gets changed in its thickness and quality during the ovulation process.

Cervical Stenosis
is a blockade of the cervical canal, resulting either from some congenital defect or from possible complication of surgical procedures.

is the lower section of the uterus. It protrudes into the vagina and it also plays a role of the so – called passageway for the sperm to get into the uterus.

Chemical Pregnancy
is a positive pregnancy test, but the pregnancy hormones levels are too low to document the pregnancy by an ultrasound investigation.

is the structure inside the cells, which carries genetic material (genes). It is considered to be the genetic messenger of inheritance. The human has forty – six chromosomes: twenty three come from the woman’s egg, and twenty three come from the man’s sperm.

is the term, which is used to describe the division of one cell into two, two, two cells into four, four cells into eight, etc.

Clinical Pregnancy
is called the pregnancy, when the beating of the heart of a fetus is able to be identified.

COH (Controlled Ovarian Hyperstimulation)
is a kind of medical treatment, applied to induce the multiple ovarian follicles development in order to get multiple oocytes at follicular aspiration.

Condom Therapy
is the therapy, applied in order to reduce the amount of sperm antibodies in the female by using condoms during sexual contacts for half a year of more. During its application a woman is to avoid any skin – to – skin contact with her husband’s or partner’s sperm. The result may be the lowering of the woman’s antibody level to levels, which do not affect the sperm.

Cone Biopsy
is a kind of the surgical procedure, during which the precancerous cells are removed from the cervix. While its conducting the cervix may get damaged and either the hormonal mucus production may beg disrupted or the cervix may become incompetent.

Congenital Anomaly
is a kind of any non – hereditary characteristic or defect, which develops before the arrival.

Corpus Liteum
is called the kind of structure, situated in the ovary, which develops after the egg’s releasing process. This structure secretes the progesterone hormone.

is the cloud – like collection of supportive follicle cells, which are situated around the oocyte
Cumulus Oophorus is the layer of the egg’s surrounding cells, which provides the protection of them.

Cushing’s Syndrome
is a kind of a condition, characterized by an overproduction of adrenal gland secretions. It suppresses the pituitary output of LH and FSH and the result of it may become either low sperm production (in males) or failure of the ovulation process (in females). A woman, suffering from this diseases may also have some male secondary characteristics, like abnormal hair growth, development. 

is a structure, filled with fluid. Depending on circumstances, cysts may either be normal or abnormal.