Gamete is a sex cell, which contains one complete set of chromosomes. The gamete of a female is called an oocyte, while the gamete of a male is a spermatozoon.

Genitals are the males’ and females’ external sex organs. In females these are labia and clitoris, and in the male they are testicles and the penis.

Germ Cell
in the males it is the testicular cell, which divides in order to produce the immature sperm cells, and in the females it is the ovarian cell, which divides in order to form the egg (ovum). The males’ germ cell remains intact throughout the whole reproductive live, while females usually use up their germ cells at the rate of approximately one thousand per single menstrual cycle, however, usually there is only one mature egg in one cycle.

Germ Cell Aplasia
is a kind of inherited condition, when the testicles do not have germ cells. Because men, who suffer from this condition do have normal Leydig cells, they will have their secondary characteristics developed. This condition may also be caused by large or / and prolonged exposure to toxins or radiation.

is the term, which bears the same meaning as pregnancy.

Gestational Age
is the age of an embryo or fetus, which is usually calculated by adding 14 days to the number of completed weeks since the fertilization took place.

Gestational Sac
is a structure, filled with fluid, where a developing embryo is located within the uterus.

GIFT (Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer)
is a kind of a procedure, during which eggs are being removed from the ripened follicle and with the help of the laparoscopy procedure, these eggs along with the sperm are placed into the fallopian tube, where the fertilization is to occur.

is a kind of hormone (FSH, LH, hMG, hCG, etc), which helps to stimulate the gonads (either ovaries or testes).

GnRH (Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone)
is a small hormone, which is produced by the brain. It causes the pituitary glands to produce and release FSH and LH.

GnRH agonist (Lupron)
is different from GnRH by two amino – acid positions. With the help of it the FSH and LH production by the pituitary gland may be stopped.

is the gland, which produces reproductive cells as well as “sex” hormones, such as testicles (which produce sperm and testosterone) and the ovaries (in which eggs and estrogen are produced).

Gonal – F
is the brand name of a new recombinant FSH, which is applied to stimulate the follicles production by the ovaries.

is one of the sexually transmitted infections, which may be without any visible symptoms, except some bad – smelling yellowish vaginal discharge and red swollen vaginal walls. In case if it reaches fallopian tubes, a woman may be suffering from pain, high fever and in the worst case the tubal blockage may develop. In the man this disease usually does not lead to any damage, however, it may cause a painful infection.