Masturbation is a technique, applied in order to collect semen for analysis and / or for artificial insemination. It consists of a manual stimulation of the penis, which leads to ejaculation.

Maturation Arrest
is a kind of testicular condition, when at one of the sperm production stages all the development of sperm halts throughout all testicular tubules. This disease may cause either oligospermia or azoospermia.

Medically Assisted Conception
is the term, used to describe the process of conception, which is performed by noncoital conjunction of the gametes, but by some ART procedure and intrauterine, intracervical and intravaginal insemination with semen of either a woman’s husband / male partner or a donor.

is a heavy and prolonged menstrual flow.

is also called a period. It is the process of cycling (usually monthly) blood flow (menstruation), which signifies ovulation, and failure to achieve pregnancy. The first day of pregnancy is considered to be the first day of the ovulation cycle.

is the Human FSH, which is made in the form of an injection and is applied to provide the stimulation of ovaries.

is called the process, during which a single sperm gets injected either under the shell of the egg, or into the egg directly. This process helps to make the fertilization occur easier.

is spontaneous unintentional loss of either an embryo or of fetus from the uterus.

is the kind of a reconstructive surgery, performed under a microscope in order to repair disconnected or damaged tissue and restore the flow of blood.

Missed Abortion
is a kind of abortion, in which an embryo dies inside the uterus, but neither any bleeding or cramping is experienced by a woman.

is the process of cell division into two identical cells, both of which have all forty – six chromosomes duplicated.

is the kind of some feeling of discomfort, which is felt on one side of the lower part of the abdomen during the period of ovulation.

is the term, used to describe a surgical removal of a tumor in the uterine muscular wall, called myoma.