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Fallopian Tubes are called the tube – like organs, which provide the connection between the uterus and ovaries. They also let the eggs pass from the ovary into the uterus as well as the spermatozoa from the uterus toward the ovary.Female Kallman’s Syndrome is a kind of condition, characterized by infantile sexual development and complete […]


TESA (Testicular / Epididymal Sperm Aspiration) is the process or the sperm removal directly from the testis or from the epididymis with the help of a needle for aspiration. As a rule this process is associated with the sperm injection into the oocyte.Testicular Biopsy is the kind of a minor surgical procedure, which is conducted […]


Gamete is a sex cell, which contains one complete set of chromosomes. The gamete of a female is called an oocyte, while the gamete of a male is a spermatozoon. Genitals are the males’ and females’ external sex organs. In females these are labia and clitoris, and in the male they are testicles and the […]


Ultrasound is the procedure, where the sound waves of a high frequency are used completely painlessly, safely and without any radiation involved. This procedure is conducted with the aim to view the internal organs. Unicornuate Uterus is a kind of abnormality, when the uterus is “one sided” and it is smaller in its size, than […]


Habital Abortion is the term, which describes the condition, where a woman experiences three or more miscarriages in a row. Hamster Test is a test, provided to examine the ability of sperm to penetrate hamster’s egg, which was stripped of the zona pellucida. Hatching is the term, which describes the process, preceding the implantation by […]


Vagina is a kind of a passageway, which is tubular in its form. It connects the female’s external sex organs with the cervix and the uterus.Vaginitis is either yeast, bacterial vaginosis or trichomonas infection of the vagina. In case if a woman suffers from vaginitis rather frequently, it may result into the presence of pelvic […]


IAIH (Intrauterine Artificial Insemination Homologous) is the kind of artificial insemination, when the sperm of the husband or of the male partner is injected right into the uterus so, that it avoids cervical mucus problems and / or maximizes the potential poor semen.ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection) is the kind of the micromanipulation technology, which is […]


XX Chromosome is the congenital, developmental as well as genetic information in the cell, which transmits the necessary information for making a female. All eggs, which contain one X chromosome in them and half of all sperm, which carry X chromosome are to combine in order for a girl would arrive.YY Chromosome is the congenital, […]