Recipient is the term, used in the ART technique. This term refers to the woman, who receives either an oocyte or an embryo from another woman.

Resistant Ovary
is the ovary, which is not able to respond to the follicle – stimulating message, which is sent by FSH. Although there are primitive germ cells, present in the ovary, they do not respond to any FSH stimulation.

Retrograde Ejaculation
is the kind of male fertility problem. Men, who suffer from it, have their sperm traveling into their bladder, instead of out the opening of the penis. It happens because of a failure in the sphincter muscle at the base of the bladder.

Salpingectomy is the term, which describes the surgical removal of one or both of the fallopian tubes.

is the term, which describes the kind of surgery, when adhesions, that restrict the movement and functioning of reproductive organs, are removed.

is the term, which describes the surgical repair of the damaged fallopian tube / tubes. This kind of a procedure used to open the fimbria.

is called the bag, made of skin and thin muscle, which is around the male’s testicles.

Secondary Amenorrhea
is the term, used to describe a condition, when a woman, who had her menstrual period once, but who has not had her period for six months or more.

Secondary Infertility
is the term, which describes the inability of a couple, which has already had one successive pregnancy to conceive one more time. It also includes those couples, who did not carry their previous pregnancy / pregnancies to term. However, the common vernacular refers to those couples, which have already have one child, but can not get pregnant with the second.

Secondary Sex Characteristics
are those physical qualities, which distinguish men and
women from one another, like beard, large breasts, deep voice. These secondary sex characteristics are formed and developed under the influence of specific hormones: testosterone in men and estrogen in women. Besides, these characteristics also identify people, who have already gone through their puberty period (or who have gained sexual maturity).

Secondary Testicular Failure
is the kind of acquired testicular damage, which may be caused by drugs, prolonged exposure to different harmful toxic substances, or a varicocoele.
Semen is the sperm along with the seminal secretions, which are ejaculated by any healthy male during orgasm.

Semen Analysis
is the test, performed in the laboratory conditions, which help to assess the semen quality, the sperm quantity, concentration, form and motility. Moreover, with the help of it becomes possible to estimate the volume of semen (fluid) and whether or not white blood cells are present, the presence of which is the indication of an infection.