TESA (Testicular / Epididymal Sperm Aspiration) is the process or the sperm removal directly from the testis or from the epididymis with the help of a needle for aspiration. As a rule this process is associated with the sperm injection into the oocyte.

Testicular Biopsy
is the kind of a minor surgical procedure, which is conducted in order to take a small amount of the testicular tissue for the microscopic examination. This test is used to diagnose male fertility problems, if there is no other mean available, because this procedure may cause damage of testicles.

Testicular Enzyme Defect
is the kind of congenital enzyme defect, which prevents the testes from responding to the stimulation by hormones. It may possibly cause either oligospermia or azoospermia.

Testicular Feminization
is a kind of an enzymatic defect, which prevents a man from responding to the male hormone testosterone. This man looks much like a woman, however, karyotyping of his will reveal a normal XY male chromosome pattern, and the levels of testosterone hormone will be in the normal range for males.

Testicular Function
is the ability of the testicles to produce sperm and the testosterone hormone.
Testicular Stress Pattern is the result of a semen analysis, which reveals the production of depressed sperm, poor motility of sperm and / or poor morphology of sperm.

is a kind of hormone, which is considered to be the most potent male sex hormones. It is produced in every healthy male’s testes.

TET (Trans – tubal Embryo Transfer)
is the cleaving concepts replacement into the uterine tube rather than into the uterus.

Third Party Reproduction
takes place, in case if either the man or the woman of a couple is not able to induce a successful pregnancy, some third party can possibly donate to the process of reproduction.

Threatened Abortion
is spotting, bleeding or cramping, which may occur during the first weeks of pregnancy. It may possibly end up with a spontaneous abortion.

Thyroid Gland
is one of the endocrine gland, which is situated in the front of the neck. Thyroid gland produces hormones, which regulate the metabolism of a person.

is the term, used to describe the twisting of the testis inside the scrotum. This condition causes extreme pain and swelling; moreover, the rotation twists off the supply of blood and it becomes the reason of severe damages of the testicle. It is also possible to suffer form the torsion of the ovary, if a woman has hyperstimulation, it becomes the kind of complication of the ovulation induction treatment.

is a kind of infection, which may produce a greenish of a bad smell vaginal discharge.

Tubal Patency
is the lack or absence of obstruction of the Fallopian tubes.

Tubocornual Anastomosis
is a kind of surgery, which is performed in order to remove a blocked part of the Fallopian tube and to reconnect the tube to the uterus.

Tubotual Anastamosis
is a kind of surgery, which is performed in order to remove a diseased part of the fallopian tube and reconnect the two ends of the same Fallopian tube.

Turner’s Syndrome
is one of the most widespread genetic defects, which contribute to female fertility problems. Its signs are the ovaries, which fail to form and which look like slender threads of atrophic ovarian tissue, which is called streak ovaries. Karyotyping will help to reveal that this woman has only one female (X) chromosome instead of two.