Vagina is a kind of a passageway, which is tubular in its form. It connects the female’s external sex organs with the cervix and the uterus.

is either yeast, bacterial vaginosis or trichomonas infection of the vagina. In case if a woman suffers from vaginitis rather frequently, it may result into the presence of pelvic adhesionsand tual blockage from other infections, such as chlamydia, and others. Vaginitis may prevent sperm from penetrating to the cervical mucus, and its symptoms may even interfere with the ability and desire to have sexual contact.

is called the varicose vein, which is situated around the ducts deferens and the testes. It may be one of the reasons of male infertility.

Vas Deferens
occurs, when one of the tubes through which the sperm move from the testicles to the seminal vesicles and prostate gland. These tubes are severed during the vasectomy surgery, which is performed for birth control.

is either the accidental or elective surgical operation, during which the separation of the vas deferential procedure is conducted, which is applied for the birth control.

Venereal Disease
is any infection, which is transmitted sexually, like Chlamydia, gonorrhea, ureaplasma, syphilis, etc. A lot of these diseases will possibly interfere with fertility and some of them will cause severe illness.

is the same as masculation. It is having male secondary sex characteristics, being able to perform sexually.